The Music

As a self declared music addict and proud owner of several instruments, I have to admit that I think about music in just about every context of my life. There are few things better than finding a song that fits the moment perfectly and being able to play or sing said song to share with others. To that end, I keep myself in the loop of practicing, learning more about music theory, and listening to new music. Occasionally I even record something on my very simple laptop mic to share with you readers. Up to now I have only sung songs I like over the instrumental tracks provided by YouTube, but in time I hope to include some unique covers with my own accompaniment and original compositions. As I record songs, I will update this page for your listening pleasure. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests hit me up on the 'Contact Me' page.

From Work and Music on 2-26-2011
Please Don't Go by Mike Posner

From I am Asian Today on 3-19-2011
Rocketeer by The Far East Movement featuring Ryan Tedder