Friday, March 18, 2011

I am Asian Today

As many of you may have heard, a delightful blonde from UCLA has been tearing up the interwebs with her vlog about Asians at her school and their behavior, particularly at the school library. I watched it, and for a while I didn't understand what the outrage was all about. All of a sudden, it hit me.

...I was distracted by the boobs.
I had missed her words (as if I was actually going to pay attention to the words she was saying).

Oh yea, that whole "racism" thing people are talking about. Words can't do her and her outrageous comments justice, so I will just have to help you watch the video instead so you can make your own conclusions.

Addition to the original post: Looks like various other individuals agree with my evaluation of Alexandra's chest region. K Syrah directed me to this lovely gallery from Coed Magazine of our favorite UCLA racist. Looking over the pictures, I have to say 1) DAY-UM and 2) if she just has a certain body part of mine in her mouth, then everybody would be happy because there would be no more offensive comments and for me...well you know :D.

The thing about this video, for me at least, is that this type of commentary is not the first or probably will be the last things I hear along these lines coming out of the mouths of fellow college students. Personally, I think she's just jealous because she buys take-out every night and has piles and piles of dirty laundry but that's just me. This video has spawned hundreds of responses, comments, and replies from people all over the country so I don't really feel the need to add wood to an already blazing fire. Instead I'd like to share with you what I think is one of best responses EVER to a video that could have rubbed anyone the wrong way. This YouTube video was brought to my attention by Smile Soup from, you guessed it, Smile Soup. It is clearly #winning, and since this is a music blog I no choice but to give it a shout-out and a huge Rio thumbs-up.

I was checking out my Mandarin-English dictionary, and I too, don't know that ting-tong means. Maybe it's Cantonese? this video is golden, a creative and catchy composition that highlights this guy can do it all; percussion, guitar, sing melody and fill in his own harmonies. Damn I wish I had his studio equipment and the chance to make a song with Jimmy. Our song would be dedicated to our love for white girls.

So in the feeling of solidarity, and due to the fact that I was having a really fun 20sb chat conversation with Katie Weber, K. Syrah, and Tabs about covers...I decided to do a song from an Asian artist. I scrolled around for a while, and then I hit this, Rocketeer by The Far East Movement featuring Ryan Tedder. Never mind that Ryan Tedder is not Asian, and The Far East Movement are actually of Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and American descent and not just Chinese which our good friend Alexandra was talking about up there. It is the thought that counts people! So I hope you enjoy my rendition and let me know what you think about everything; the blog, the response song, and my cover. Part 3 coming soon! (maybe today???)

The instrumental of this song was provided to me by this video. So now, listen up.