Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work and Music

Here is a quick post to show everyone what I have been up to during this weekend. As you well may know from my constant complaints, I am swamped with work and blogging duties. Not only am I backlogged on guest posts (sorry Amber!) but I also need to film the karaoke vid, recognize some other awards given to me, and watch a bad sports movie to write up a review. Though of course all the homework, exams, and design projects assigned for next week have absolute control of my priorities, it is still nice to remind myself that there is other stuff I need to do besides dive into the books. 

So yea, bitchin' time over, now for the fun stuff. First of all...check this out, its my work station:

I could build a book castle if I wanted to

You can't really see it, but I assure you I also have a HUGE folder with all the journal articles I have to read for my memory devices is underneath the black book, right there in the center stack. 

As a parting note, since I am going to go back to my world of laplace transforms, quantum mechanics, and vanadium stainless steel implants, I want to leave you with this - a nice little cover. Jex Mix from Jes Getting Started and I both love this song, Please Don't Go from Mike Posner, so I decided to be quick and record a first draft cover. Hope you enjoy it.