About Andres Rio

I always seem to have the best ideas for my blog when I'm far away from a computer. I like girls, TV, sports, food, movies, and all things nerdy/geeky/technological. I think most people do, at least if they identify with the science side of life. I also enjoy music and math. Hence these two things became the title of my blog. It was originally started to just stick to two topics, but I decided to mix it up for shits and giggles. So now, it covers mostly everything from my school life to your life. I hope you enjoy my multi-track mind.

Let's talk a little bit about me. Or rather, a lot about me. I personally think my life is simple. I eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, crave sexual activity, and have a job just like everyone else. But there are a few interesting tidbits to go on if you want to know more about me. Let's see,
  • I would like to travel all over the world, and take ridiculous pictures doing the stereotypical things that every tourist does.
  • I am majoring in Engineering, and yes it is as hard as it sounds/looks.
  • Some people feel like music is something to be hoarded (cough*hipsters*cough). But I am all for sharing every good song I come across, which I try to do on this very blog.
  • I think I believe in finding true love, but sometimes I just am very cynical to that whole aspect of life.
  • Every day, rain or shine, good or bad, I sing something. Sometimes I rap, and that's where it gets funny.
  • I am very good at mathematics. I am also that guy that is staring all big-eyed when someone does a full proof that is beautiful, concise, and creative. I really believe that if you understand something, then you should be able to derive it.
  • I laugh many times at things that I stop and think, "maybe I shouldn't be laughing". Oh well.
  • I speak Spanish fluently, and I can speak French enough to ask you out.
  • I have my philosophical moments, my perverse moments, my creative moments, and my moments which include all of the above. I try to fit them all onto this blog, stuffing them all in like a fat kid eats cupcakes. You work those cupcakes, fat kid!
Since I have started to blog, I have made some great friends, had some crazy internet interactions and had some respectful intellectual discussions on differing beliefs. I probably have failed horribly on that last one.