Friday, July 26, 2013


Hi folks!

I know, I know. We are strangers now. It feels like forever, it has been forever, and you forgot how it felt to be with Good Music, Bad Math. All understandable. I will, however, drop this little news piece on you. I AM REMIXING THIS SHIT!

I think it's time to blow up this blog place, salvage the remnants, and start from scratch. I have enjoyed having this blog, and I have definitely learned from the people that sent me music to review and folks who took the time to comment on my posts. Many thanks to them. But somewhere in the design of the blog, the topics got jumbled and mixed up beyond my liking. First off, I meant to write a music and math blog. Only one half of that formula got implemented and I was often left thinking, "Man I really should write something mathy". Next, I started to inject more and more of my opinion, life experiences, and random crap into the posts. This is good, but again, I don't like the organization and tagging of my posts.

This lead me to the discussion; Scrap? Or reorganize? I came to the conclusion that reorganization would take much longer and be less productive in the long run. Good Music, Bad Math was great as a beginner blog, something to learn the ropes on but I don't think it makes for a quality constantly-updated blog. NOT using that logic as an excuse for my absentee blogging (many many apologies *bows head*), but rather I think that I need another format, something fresh. So I have decided that I need to reorganize my thoughts and make a new blog which most likely will be on Tumblr.

The new blog will, of course, feature my recommendations, reviews, and opinions on the music of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. It will also feature life/opinion pieces that will (hopefully) be witty and insightful. I will update this post with the new address so you all can pop over to my new place and say hi. Bring a homewarming gift...not saying that you should bring some rum, but I'm not not saying that.

This blog, Good Music Bad Math, has been an amazing experience. It has lead me to make many new blogging friends, learn so much about writing and content quality, and forced me to actually think about the way I communicate my thoughts and opinions to the general public. I published 37 posts on here (ONLY 37?!?! Damn...) but it has felt like so much more. I raise my beer to you GMBM, may our partnership always be remembered, and may our posts not used later by the paparazzi. Cheers.