Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Here Under a Rock

As I take a break from my studying for an exam tomorrow, I have decided to let you know something that is not-so-secret but I had yet to confess: yes, I do indeed live ignorant of the outside world. Given the amount class, work, and napping that I am extremely inclined to do, it is not hard to let a few current events here and there go by. But damn it, I am living on a college campus so at least I should be up to date with the nonsensical things like the latest YouTube clip or the most recent reality TV hit. Nope, not even.

Earlier this week, I read this article on the school newspaper website. It caught my eye since I sometimes debate with other music folk about the artistic validity of a one-hit wonder (a topic that is a much longer post for another time). What is important to note are the following thoughts that popped into my head while reading:

  • What is this song called "Call Me Maybe?"
  • So is this Carly Rae Jepsen gone from the music scene? Is that why this is a one-hit wonder?
  • Huh...who is Carlos Pena Jr.?
  • Whoa, whoa there. "Cultural phenomenon" is a pretty fucking heavy statement for a pop hit that is currently climbing the charts. I'd reconsider your word selection. 
  • Very nice, writers, getting the music director of Off The Beat (a well known a capella group on campus) to comment. This guy actually has the music theory background to explain things.
Okay so I missed out on this hearing this new pop song. Big deal. This is part where you ask:

"Wait, Rio, don't you go out? Didn't you ever hear this song? They play it like everywhere"

It sounds familiar. All well-written pop songs do. But clearly I have either been deaf or too drunk this entire time. You see, it wasn't just this article. There was also this (courtesy of BroBible): 

"It's okay if you were, it's a catchy song". As I finished laughing at "Protein, bro", I did a little more research into this song that clearly everybody has heard but me.

Wait...wait...what? WHAT.THE.HELL.

Parodies, remixes, covers...even freaking celebrity singalongs. 

All this research and investigation has lead to one exciting conclusion...

Damn it, I gotta get out more. 

Today it's a internet sensation pop song by a 3rd place finalist on Canadian Idol. Tomorrow, it could easily be something I actually care about. 

While I clearly am more than little late to the party, I will finish off this post by sharing this remix with you. Nick Luebke, from the University of Wisconsin, definitely did a good job of putting his unique twist on this pop wonder. I'd go so far as say his lyrics are better than original. Just sayin'. Enjoy, and I'll reemerge from my subterranean living after I caught up on sleep.