Friday, February 3, 2012

Back In Black

I'm back.
AC/DC knows what I am talking about. 

Miss me?
I'll let you catch your breath in the clear state of shock that you may be experiencing right now. 

So here we are again.  I know, I know, this blog has been lonely and desolate for the past X amount of months. I refuse to define what X equals but I think we all know that it has been a significant amount of time. What has been up with me? School. Of course you knew that. When is it any different?

But it is different. I am also working a job on the side along with my 5 courses. So now instead of worrying about homework and exams, toss in team meetings and reporting to my boss along with my list of things to do. Not to mention that I am taking my musical ambitions seriously this year. I have revived some past mostly-dead-they-are-practically-zombies musical projects from the songwriting notebook. That would be my worn-down, folded spiral notebook that I write potential lyrics and notes in. It has been through a lot but hopefully some of things I written in it will come to fruition. 

Besides class, work, and music, various huge events have occurred over the past months. I will go more into detail in future posts but let me tell you - life is one crazy bitch.

As a celebration of coming back, hopefully stronger than ever, I will dedicate this here post to you my dear reader. Since the majority of my audience are fellow bloggers, I will now feature some of my favorite bloggers and their own musical talents. They not only have kickass blogs but also are artists and good friends of mine. Now I present:

Dom from Lije's Mindstate

Can I just state how much I enjoy hanging with this guy? Dude is chill, a great guy to talk to and collaborate with (we wrote something together) both in writing and in the near future, musically. Open your minds and prepare to be impressed, shocked, and turned on by his mean flow.

Nico from Nicopolitan

If you haven't ever read, listen to, or witnessed Nico's work - you are missing out on quite a bit. The dude is a machine, and I mean it in the best way possible. He is a hacker, a musician, a blogger, and involved with more sites and projects than my mind could possibly process at one time. Enjoy his techno-tronic aural induced pleasure. (yes, I did just type that so you could think dirty thoughts in your head)

Tsa from The Tsaritsa Sez

What up Malthus? (That would be the Tsa's rapper alter ego) Tsa is, in every sense of the word, a creative force. Running a magazine, blogging, vlogging, and getting Malthus to spit while working takes a certain amount of intensity and focus. Props to you Tsa.

These are just a few of my favorite bloggers/musicians. I'll be posting some of my own stuff soon so maybe there should be a compilation album made. Now that I think about it...why not? If you dabble in the music field, hit me up if you are interested. Let's produce some beats.