Monday, September 19, 2011

Kablam Shazam

One of the most obvious statements in today's day and age is this; I can not live without my phone. For all its freezing up issues and the fact that the battery lasts only a pathetic 5 hours, my IPhone 3G still holds a special place in my heart. I get lost? IPhone. Check if I have class? IPhone. Twitter when I get bored in said class? Freakin' IPhone.

Now when you are a music addict such as I, finding new songs that catch your attention is the aural equivalent of getting Aunt Bertha's birthday present 3 months early, and in cash. But when you fail to find someone to tell you who this hot new artist is or what the name of the track might be, the crushing blow of ignorance is that much heavier. Enter Shazam.

This app has a clear and simple purpose: identify songs that are playing for your future enjoyment. By "tagging" a song, you can either buy them on ITunes, look it up on YouTube or whatever else might tickle your fancy. I have a message to whoever was the first to have this idea and start coding for it: THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH. My enthusiasm will not be contained when concerned finding new music.

I tag everywhere. I tag in stores. I tag in my dorm. I even tag in bathroom of public locations that play music over the intercom. Heck, I even tag to show it off to other people.

"Play something on your computer"
"So I can blow your mind away..."
" can leave my room now."

Recently, one of the newest artists on my playlist that I found by Shazaming is The Swedish House Mafia. Now, for all the techno/electronic fans out there, I know I know I should have been at this scene way before.To be fair, I had heard of them but had never indulged in their Scandinavian head-banging, arms waving, beat extravaganza. So now here is one of their more popular tracks for everyone to enjoy. And remember to download the Shazam app to your phone damn it. Tag that shit left and right, you never know what you will find.