Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's All About...SHELLY! - The August Movie Review

Hey, it is SMAC (Shitty Movie Awareness Club) time again! And this month, I have both Nugs from That Ain't Kosher and Risha from You Can Read Me Anything at my place (rawr). Dirty comments aside, they are collaborated to post a little something-something for one of favorite bloggers. This one's for you Shels.

I’d like to begin this post by congratulating all of us. Not only did we manage to pull together an amazing blog ring for Shelly’s birthday, but I’m pretty sure that she didn’t suspect shit. Up top, guys. We’re awesome.
To commemorate the event, for the three of you that have brain issues and didn’t get it, we’re watching films that remind us of Shells for the August edition of SMAC. This topic slightly differed for all of us, but we all wound up choosing something where the main character had the best personality ever and was also totally hot and super smart. So essentially, you wanted to hate her but couldn’t because she was the greatest person who ever lived- JUST LIKE SHELLY.
It’s a running joke within our circle that Shells is our Disney princess. We’re all pretty sure she gets gently pulled out of bed in the morning by her kitties and tugged down the stairs by baby birds as they serenade her by tweeting “Good Morning.” She wakes up with perfect hair and mascara’d eyes. She starts her morning with a four-course breakfast and then dances off to work, stopping to greet everyone in her path because they all love her.
This is so reminiscent of Belle, the main character in the animated Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, which is why Risha and I decided to compare her to Shelly for the August edition of SMAC. Not only is Belle always smiling and sweet to everybody (Shelly claims she’s not really that nice, but we all know that’s a load of crap), but she’s always reading and making references to literature (substitute science and sci/fi here). Belle also adores animals, and anyone who knows anything about Shelly knows that her first loves (besides Nick, of course) are JimKitty and Fat Mings.

As if this weren’t enough, check out the glaring photo evidence:




[Rio's note: I will report that I am laughing hysterically as I put this post together on Good Music, Bad Math. I am getting dirty looks from the Barnes & Nobles folks but do not worry, I will endure. Anyways, the next part of the post didn't really work so well with the copy/paste method. Please be patient as I try to hammer out the kinks.]

It’s like they used a photo of Shelly to design the character. This shit just writes itself.
I do really want to see the wrong person finally piss her off, though. That’s going to be like Carrie at the fucking prom.

[Rio's note: AAAHHHHHH]

Thanks, Shells, for being such an amazing friend and inspiring this blogring. I know that sounds really unoriginal and stupid, but it’s true. Thanks also to all the Nips and honorary Nips for going in on me with this, especially to Rio, for hosting me on his blog, and to Risha, for "collaborating" with me (bow chicka wow) on this post. (BTW, you can all read Featured Blogger Ginny’s review of Short Circuit on my blog, That Ain’t Kosher, here). Have fun in Chicago without me, bitches. 

Leave some loving for Risha, Nugs, and most of all Shels below. My review of a brainless timeless classic known as Scooby Doo is on Lily's blog, Is It Too Early For A Martini?. Move on over there and let me know what you thought of the bumbling dog and his idiotic human counterparts. Happy birthday again Shelly! Make sure to party enough at Chicago to cover for all those not attending (ahem ahem).