Monday, June 27, 2011


So I know as well as you do that it has been sometime since I have posted something. But have no fear, as I have finally got around to typing up a post for your reading pleasure. The premise of this post was basically this; Dom, from Lije's Mindstate, and I were on 20sb chat one night and listening to some complaints from other male bloggers (there are not that many on 20sb to tell you the truth :P) about their interactions with females. We had plenty of things to say and strong opinions to express so after a few lines we decided to collaborate on an advice post. 

This is a post that goes out to awkward, shy guys everywhere. And the good-looking girls that have to put up with their fumbling, somewhat clumsy attempts at sweeping them off their feet. This is only Chapter One so we will be soon be back with more guy counseling in regards to the ladies.