Saturday, February 5, 2011

People Like My Blog?!? (Yeah, It's a Surprise to Me Too)

This is the conversation I just had on 20sb with my pal Lily:
Lily - "I just gave you an award"
Me - "say whaaaaatttttt"
Lily - "on my blog"

And sure enough, this little baby was right there with my name and blog link below it:
My first award - keep 'em coming people!
To be perfectly honest, I am both shocked and slightly confused. Me? This blog? Really? I guess its not the time to be humble and modest though. So, yea, my blog rocks. It rocks so much that your mother, sister, and girlfriend all want to do it. Multiple times. On your bed. All at once. 

I have to give a huge shout-out to my girl, Lily. She is the blogger over at Is it too early for a martini? and she is not only a cool individual but a talented writer as well. Hence why she was chosen as 20sb Featured Blogger of the Month for February. 

When I started this blog, I just wanted to be able to post regularly. Fast forward a few months, and I have some kickass blogs that keep me entertained, some readers that were nice enough to follow, and have met several awesome individuals through 20-Something Bloggers. It's freaking incredible how far this has gone. And now I feel like I am giving a speech at the Oscars, and taking up too much time. "I would like to thank my family, and my fans, and....and...." Play me out guys.

Anyways I have to tell you five things and you readers get to guess which one of the five are true. I personally think this is a little bit, how do you say it, stupid. But since I have been awarded this sticker from someone that was following these rules, I'll play along this one time.

Here are the five:

  1. I am a fan of country music
  2. I have brown hair
  3. I broke my arm once, trying to hang from a fan
  4. I can pop and lock pretty well
  5. I have done it in a helicopter
After this guessing game is done,  I then have to award this baby to five other bloggers and hopefully they will carry on the process. Here are my five for this blogger award:

These folks up there deserve every award that comes their way. I probably spend too much of my day reading through all of their posts. Keep up the good stuff guys, I will be reading.