Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Latin Feel Good Playlist

Here we go, coming straight from the depths of 20sb chat, I present for your hearing pleasure...a Latino/Hispanic based play list. I listen to music in all languages, but if I had to divide up the hearing time, I think English would beat out Spanish by a very thin margin. This post was encouraged, and therefore I am giving out a shoutout to Risha aka R...Rawr at Epitaph for a Heart.

Hmm, blogger isn't allowing me to link her blog site to the text. Wtf blogger I thought we talked about playing nice. Also, side note, I think I'm actively suffocating from the smell cologne coming from the computer cubicle next to me. What makes you think that diving into a bottle of cheap smelling scent will make you more attractive. Women confuse me sometimes, but guys really piss me off a lot of times. It happens.

The first song that I will present to you is "Danza Kuduro" by Don Omar featuring Lucenzo. Now I'm not normally a fan of "El Rey" but this beat is addictive. This song is perfect for the private dance party in your room, strippers may or may not be included. What I like most about this song is the mixture of African rhythm, Latin melody, and electronic feel. Far too many songs these days are going the eurotechno or the house backbeat route, and that's well and good, but it gets old very very quickly.

The next song is "Mi Nina Bonita" by Chino and Nacho. No, not a food item, but rather two pretty good melodious guys. This song is easy on the ears, danceable, and overall very up-lifting. The harmonies are good, maybe not excellent but with that trumpet backdrop do I really need more people singing? Not really, no.

Moving on to "Te Mando Flores" by Fonseca. Fonseca has taken over the tropical, Caribbean rhythm crown Carlos Vives and boy does he run with that thing. This brings to mind a sort of tropical festival, complete with people dancing in the streets and lots of confetti being thrown everywhere. Someone wipe this grin off my face because this song just makes me chuckle and want to go find some street performers.

Then you have "Todo Cambio" by Camila. Again, I am not normally a fan of Camila, and I think they are generally overrated. But this song, damn, this song almost makes me a fan. It is smooth, with some subtle harmonies and its like a feather dropping into a pond. It has an easy gliding down, with no effort, and yet it still makes waves in the pond water. That is what real music should sound like, if you are going for the delicate, emotional side of song composition.

Finally we have "Tocame" by Jandy Feliz. I grew up with Jandy, and his tropical merengue feel has always been in my head for when I decide to go record my album. This is just a well-around great introduction merengue and the tropical flavor that Caribbean Latino music has to offer.

Use this playlist well, and let some more dance beats in your day. More playlists are soon to follow.


  1. You got me over here dancing like an idiot and knocking shit off of my counter... Don't call the spca on me, but I think I accidentally kicked my puppy lol

  2. falen - best f'ing comment ever LOL, your puppy probably felt the beat in another way than you did


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