Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Sound of Silence (IPod Version)

The good news - it's the last day of class. Next week are my finals and then its a nice break from driving ridiculously early and suffering through nonstop classes. Also, I did some post design changes. Now we have a random list to the side and an LBA quote box. I have always wanted to update the world on my little brother's hilarious commentary and this will do until I decide to get a Twitter account.

The bad news - MY HEADPHONES ARE BROKEN. AGAIN. Ugh, my IPod is lonely. All ready with my music and no headphones. Note to random people working around me: you leave your IPod unattended, I'ma swipe yo' headphone. No lie.

But seriously, these headphones were dirt cheap to begin with and lasted barely a year and a half. I would love some high-quality (high-maintenance?) headphones from Bose or SkullCandy, but the money necessary is being allocated to other needs like Christmas gifts or food or most important of all - gas. The mechanical engineers of the world better be hurrying up with that solar powered car because I will the first one in line to get one. The resulting money saved would then be used on getting more (legal :P) music and some headphones with mind-blowing sou
nd quality. Like these:

These babies are the Sennheiser HD800, also known as the best headphones in the world. Valued at a scary price of $1400, it has literally the best audio engineering in the world packed into 330 grams. Sennheiser, the German audio technology firm that makes this work of beauty, is looking to patent its curved sonic wave front. To put it another way, their headphones bends the waves in a unified front, allowing you to hear sounds spatially. You can freaking hear music in three, count them three dimensions. I would love to figure out how they were designed and built, but I'm assuming I would first need an internship with them and lot of information clearance for their trade secrets. Oh well, Sennheiser, you know I am a huge fan. Other headphones of interest would be the Bose QuietComfort 15 with is noise canceling, so you can fully focus on the beats at hand, and the Skull Candy G.I. Black, which looks extremely bad-ass.

I know that analyzing an accessory such as headphones may seem kind of crazy. Actually, it is totally crazy and I know it but we each have our fascinations. I have realized that since I enjoy listening to music so much, I have inevitably grown more interested in learning about audio systems and technology. Speakers, amps, headphones, and sound cards are the gadgets we use to hear our favorite songs and recordings. The better quality they are, the more powerful the music will be. And now I will have to go study for my finals and finish my project silence. Correction - all in the annoying noises of the other people in this computer lab.

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  1. Oh man, I would do anything for those. Headphones are up there on my list of "things I NEED to survive."



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