Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some More Final Thoughts (Part 2)

Continuing from the last post:

4) Just watched the season finale of Dexter, and changed my mind about the whole episode in the last ten minutes. Wow, melancholy and loneliness is a theme that is usually is mentioned in the show, but we got to see a whole new side of it. The episode highlighted how solitary the life of everyone's favorite serial killer can be but left it with a sweet note. Kudos, Showtime.

5) As I read, I realize, from all the girl blogs I now follow, that I have to reevaluate how much I really "understand" emotions across the genders. I have always thought that my rational and logic thought process usually gets me to the bottom of all complex situations, but some entries I have read has left me drawing a complete blank. A "wow I don't even know what to say to that" or even worse (for me) is the "I don't know what I am supposed to feel about this". I typically ridicule other guys that fail to comprehend basic girl behavior but it looks like I have hit a wall myself. I guess there are some life events or emotions that are not easily translated to "guy-ese".

I declare this situation as a whatever though, because even if I can't understand everything going on or what are the emotions running through the minds of these female bloggers, I can appreciate the fact that they are even writing about it and sharing it with the world, and that takes some serious balls. (ovaries?)

6) Am loving 20-something bloggers. It actually is motivating me to keep up with posting, because I gots followers, whoo. Also the discussions are fun, not to mention I signed up for a blog swap and karaoke showing. You all will be seeing some of that stuff pretty soon.

7) I have a research project next semester. I am very proud of myself for getting this, considering that I haven't been in this situation ever before and it is not even my major. But anyways, the topic is interesting, the math should be good, and I hope to squeeze all the knowledge I can from this shit. Alright.

Now, before I go practice guitar, go listen to "Tighten Up" by the Black Keys. Imagine the song that you want to be played when you are walking away from a bad memory or a horrible dream in your life movie. This is the badass song you want playing as you slo-mo your way out of the screen.


  1. Glad you're diggin 20sb!
    I know it's a long way off but what's your project going to be, solo?
    Also, very curious-- what are you coming across in these other blogs that seems to put you out of your depths?

  2. Hey traveler -

    My research project is just me by my lonesome looking for new technology to reduce overheating in electrical circuits. I want to save your laptop, your tv, and your cellphone from death in other words. In the other blogs, I have started to realize that not everything is "relationable" I guess. I usually search in my life for ways to bridge between two distinct experiences of my own life and the person telling their stories, so there have been some posts that I was blinking and saying "I don't understand how you can feel all that at once" or "Wow, there is no way I would have thought of it that way". It mostly happens when I read about relationships and the prospects of finding love haha. I guess I am just very practical with those kinds of emotions

  3. Yes to the Black Keys! "Tighten Up" made our local public radio station's #1 song of this year. (Though it's not what I chose the 20sb chat, I quite like it much.) Badass, indeed.



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