Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for a Lil' Scaryoke

It is the summertime and most people are on vacation, so the blogs have been suffering from lack of posting. Mine is included in that group but not for long. Fortunately, I have a big list of things-to-do for the next posts, so you readers will have plenty to browse through on your work days or your beach days. 

First off, the regular Karaoke Blog Ring of Death is on a sort of hiatus. Never fear however because a group of bloggers on Twitter decided to band together and produce a new karaoke blog ring. We call it Scaryoke. Why is it named thus? Simple - other people take care of the song selection that you are going to perform. And that shit's scary people. No excuses, no preferences, just the song that your fellow blogger lined up for you to paste your face on the interwebs. It makes for funny and twisted covers of songs we don't know or even like. 

I had great fun recording my cover of "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. This song was given to me by Kandace from One Red Wall, when I think she knew that country wasn't my cup of tea :P. As for my choice, I had to give a song to Jes from Jes Getting Started. I knew she had performed tons of fast-paced and pop radio songs, so I wanted her to go back and revisit a classic. And since I remembered that she had colored glasses, it was an easy choice from there. For a slow, sentimental song that holds a significant amount of "flair" (is that the right word?) I chose Your Song by Elton John. And guess what? Jes delivered folks. Here is her performance for you to appreciate. Leave her some love down below and go over to Kandace's blog to let me know what you thought of my country debut.